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Our commitment is to consistently provide the highest standard in client service with state-of-the-art technology to deliver quick and efficient results. Our firm is a member of various professional organizations located throughout the United States and the world, and can service your investigative needs at any location. Our surveillance detectives will go anywhere our services are needed because our service areas are unlimited. We offer state and nationwide coverage.


Our staff commits to diligently complete your assignment with the utmost professionalism in a timely manner. We guarantee to perform all services to your satisfaction in the most cost-effective way possible. Furthermore, we keep all information disclosed to us discreet and secure in order to ensure confidentiality.


Super Eye Private Investigations of Los Angeles is licensed, bonded and insured and we provide complimentary confidential consultations. Contact us today at 1-888-812-9993 to get started.


We are Licensed | Bonded | Insured – California License number : PI 23250



  •   Supremely responsive and highly effective P.I.  A close family friend was MIA for six weeks. Raffi put us in touch with him again in 48 hours!  I had never hired a P.I. before. I was a bit wary about doing so. More effective than Jim Rockford and probably just as affordable, pound for pound. Give Raffi and Super Eye a call.

    thumb Paul R.

      I needed to find a missing person/ the local police cannot help since the person is an adult and could be just running away.  Thanks to Super Eye Investigation our fears were over -  my friend was found in the littlest time possible.   Hank you Super Eye!!
    Our family is forever grateful to the professional and personal services rendered. Even if we don't have to go to you again for this we are reassured and confident that this is the go to place for help!!!!

    thumb Kit H.

      Fast, responsive, accurate and affordable PI.  I've used this company on several investigative projects over the last year and, it's been a pleasant experience each and every time. They get me information that other investigators were unable to get. Raffi is very approachable and patient. He often goes the extra mile to get that extra piece of information.
    They have helped me find long lost family members that I have been needing to reconnect with. I can honestly say that the service they provide is very valuable and worth every dime. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need.

    thumb Rosa H.
  •   This was my first time having to hire a private investigator. I needed advice and help and I didn't know what to expect. Raffi was very attentive, patient, and competent. He tried to fully understand the issue at hand before giving any advice. I'm going to follow his advice and I would highly recommend his services to others.

    thumb Regina G.

      I had a delicate, private and difficult situation that I needed help with. I tried some of the online people/record searches and did not find what I was looking for. (I guess you get what you pay for...)

    A friend suggested hiring a PI firm.

    I researched a number of agencies and chose Super Eye. I worked with Sandy and Raffi. They were able to guide me to the best choices for what I needed (in terms of the services they offer). The reports I needed from them were delivered promptly. With the information I received from them I was able to discover exactly what I needed (and more). They may cost more then the online searches, but the results are definitely worth the money.

    thumb Eban L.

      I hired Super Eye Investigations to do some investigative research work for me. I didn't have a lot of information to provide them with, but they were able to develop all kinds of leads and that fact alone impressed me tremendously.

    Raffi pays attention to detail , is very diligent and has the ability to figure out complicated situations . I got more information than I thought was possible. If you have some research work to do give these guys a try, you won't be disappointed. I definitely got my monies worth. I highly recommend this company for research work.

    thumb Nili A.
  •   This is a super company. I called all of the major investigation companies in town and came back to Super Eye, and I'm sure glad I did. They went above and beyond, were very quick to respond at all times and completed the task I had hired them for in a very excellent manner. Don't hesitate to give them a call, they are professionals.

    thumb Cutey P.

      I needed the services of a private investigator in Los Angeles and was referred  to Super Eye Investigations by my attorney. They were able to  locate and stay on a very shady and slippery person who caused me a lot of problems.  They finally were able to serve this guy with court papers and continued a thorough investigation into his background and assets.   We were able to get this matter resolved quickly. I  recommend using their services for background checks, assets searches or surveillance.

    thumb Jerry D.

      I needed a private investigator for a lawsuit I was involved in. I tried another service first, and I was very disappointed. Raffi made me feel comfortable right away. He and his team have years of experience in the field. Raffi was always available to me and responsive to any questions I had. He and his team were able to follow the opposing party in the lawsuit on many different occasions without detection. I felt protected and confident knowing that they were there for me. Raffi was able to get the evidence I needed - in both pictures and videos - to get a favorable result in the case.

    thumb Amy H.
  •   I contacted Raffi about finding a person that owed me money, within minutes of when I sent him a message with my situation, he responded back to me swiftly.  He told me he would look into my case and get back to me within a few days, he got back to me the next day with results that I was looking for and all the information I needed.

    Definitely using his service again

    thumb Nick K.

      In a nut shell - Super Eye is the Investigation agency I'll use. They are very professional, as hard working as I am, and very attentive to details; and to those three sterling attributes you can add practicality and dedication. I needed to locate 3 skips that bailed out of town without paying their bills and they found two out of the three and still working on the third. Hopefully they'll find her soon. Not a bad result under the circumstances. Whatever your situation, Raffi should be the guy you call first. Call Raffi, you won't regret it, trust me on this.

    thumb Evan C.

      I have enlisted Raffi's service to validate suspicions of a cheating husband. Raffi did not disappoint. He got the job done!

    In a short period his team managed to locate and follow the object and provide evidence. If you need investigation services, Raffi is your guy!

    thumb Hadas A.
  •   I felt like a review was needed because Raffi has been a great help on my case. I was involved in an unfortunate situation where I loaned a friend a large sum of money.

    Needless to say the loan was never paid and my friend disappeared.

    Let me just say it took Raffi approximately 2 weeks to find this guy because there was nothing coming up under his name and all searches came empty. But Raffi's guys did some heavy duty leg work and managed to find him. They served him with court papers and I won my judgment.

    Thank you everyone at Super Eye investigation for a job well done.

    thumb Kristine G.

      The last company that conducted employee background checks and credit checks is no longer in business and I found that out when I actually needed to have this I contacted Super Eye Investigations based upon other Yelp reviews and I'm so glad I did.

    Raffi was very responsive after a brief phone call explaining what I needed and I was able to get the reports back in a super efficient, fast timeframe. The reports were thorough and the process of working with Super Eye Investigations is also very efficient as you can sign the agreement electronically.  

    So glad that we came across this business and have definitely added him as our contact for future employee investigations. Thanks so much!

    thumb Kenna L.

      I contacted Raffi for assistance on tracking down someone based on their phone number. He was very thorough in explaining the process, gave me good advice (at no charge!) and provided an honest assessment of how successful he and his company could be in my search. I've been making a ton of related phone calls over the last few days and no one has been as helpful as he has in the whole process. Give them a call, it's worth a shot

    thumb Jess L.
  •   I hired Raffi for surveillance and tracking. The surveillance was for someone who is highly alert and suspicious. Raffi's team was amazing and professional. They did the job and exceeded my expectations. They were able to provide me clear footage of the activity. The case was highly detailed and they listened to all my concerns and requests and ensured they to complete the job thoroughly and effectively. Most importantly, they provide a comprehensive report of their findings, which can be used in the court as evidence. I highly recommend Raffi and ensure he will complete the job he was hired to do.

    thumb Chloe T.

      In November of 2018, while dealing with possible infidelity and other relational issues with my wife, I hired "Super Eye Investigations" to help me. The owner Raffi assured me he would provide the best investigative services. To be blunt, they were the "worst services." I spent nearly 90% of the Super Eye investigator's shift updating him as to where my wife was at! And, they even charged me for a 2nd shift that I disputed and got a refund through my bank. Added stress and a waste of time and money, don't use them!

    thumb Jeff L.

      They lost a couple of stars for trying to hit me with the okie doke.  I requested an employment search because my dead-beat baby mama is dodging child support.  They came back very quickly and advised that she did not have a job.  I had to press them a bit to confirm that they got that information from a 3rd party instead of directly from that dumb broad.  Only after a couple of phone calls and several emails did they confirm that they contacted her lying self directly.  They did the right thing and only charged by $75 for a no hit, but it was clear that had I not pressed them they would have happily kept the $250 that I paid for the search.  Pro's are that they are very fast and are very responsive, and they clearly will do the right thing on their own.  However, you gotta stay on top of them to make sure that they do the right thing.  Hence the loss of starts.  Nice people tho.

    thumb Joshua J.
  •   Hiring  these guys is  Probably the best decision I've made in recent years. I've  been dating  this guy for 8 month,  thinking  he's my soul mate, only to be greatly dissapointed, heart broken and humiliated. He was everything I ever wanted in a man. Handsome, smart, funny, great career, owns a house..what more could you ask for?


    This guy is probably  one of the biggest players in town. I had my suspicions and when I met with Raffi, he  promised me to get to the bottom of it ASAP.

    And so they did!

    They followed him for two consecutive days while I was away in Las Vegas with friends. They videotaped him meeting with two different women whilst telling me he was at home watching a movie! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the video. I felt like an idiot  believing him and trust I g him all this time. Needless to say I broke off the relationship right away.

    Thank you Raffi and Super Eye for a job well done and finding out the truth when I needed to know.

    thumb Hanita S.

      These guys/gals are the best. I needed information regarding a restraining order/child custody issue and they dug deep!! With new found factual evidence my case is stronger than ever. I go to court in a few weeks so stay tuned. Definitely top notch in what they do. Thank you.

    thumb John B.

      Super Eye investigations have been doing all of our background searches for the last couple of years. The results have always been on point, and the turnaround time is fast. The reports are very informative and you can really learn about someone from these background searches. These searches have helped us tremendously in hiring new personnel. Working with Raffi is a pleasure, very nice guy and very accommodating. In addition, their prices are reasonable. What more could you ask for? I would recommend them to anyone in need of background investigations.

    thumb Drew D.
  •   I came in to see Raffi about a personal matter. Raffi listened to my situation very patiently and came up with a very good plan as to how to solve my case.

    Raffi appears to be very knowledgeable and experienced in his field. His game plan has been working pretty well so far because I've been able to get some very important information I didn't have before.

    The case is still ongoing and I feel very confident that they'll finish their work pretty soon. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to investigate a personal matter

    thumb Margarita L.

      I worked mostly with the owner Raffi. They double and tripled checked everything for me. I finally got the information I needed. Finding out wasn't the easiest, but they were very patient with me.

    thumb Nocturnal K.

      I talked to the owner Raffi over a surveillance job. He is extremely professional, efficient and kind. He gave e very good guidance. He sent out contract and was ready for the job right away.

    Not only he gave out professional advise, he also cares about his clients and provided them with words of wisdom. He is a good guy to hire and good friend to seek guidance.

    thumb bonnie w.
  •   Good company. Had some issues that needed investigating in regards to child custody case. They were quick, prompt, thorough, and diligent. I got what I needed and that's the bottom line. Will use again if the situation calls for it.
    Thank you

    thumb Ben O.

      I called in for a quote and the level of professionalism and the time they took to answer my questions was great.

    thumb Brianda C.

      Fantastic company. I was dealing with a case that was near and dear to my heart and they did an outstanding job and followed through with everything they said they would.  Had I needed them to testify they would have.  If you ever need any PI work done this is the company to call.  Thanks so much for all you did for me and my little girl!

    thumb Candace G.
  •   I was having trouble locating a scummy ex-landlord who stole $3500 from my deposit. He had almost covered all of his bases (meaning he only had a PO Box and wasn't returning calls or emails), but Raffi was able to find him super fast.

    It was super easy to get Raffi on the phone and he was very kind and understanding of my situation. He even offered me a full refund if the information that he provided (the landlord's address) didn't turn out to be correct.

    I am filling out my small claims court filing now and glad that I don't have to keep tracking this guy down. Thanks Super Eye Investigations!

    thumb Matthew G.

      Thank you Super Eye and Raffi!
    My company needed a background check / additional investigation done on a potential business partner, your services uncovered and provided everything needed for us to make the right decisions !

    Highly recommend your professionalism and approach .


    thumb Vik M.

      I've been going through a legal battle with someone and needed to get as much information on him. My lawyer recommended Raffi to help me out with my case so I went along with it. I had never hired a private investigator before, so I did not know what to expect in terms of services, cost, etc.

    If you need information on anyone, Raffi is the person you want! I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of information he was able to obtain in a short amount of time.

    I have no idea how he does it, BUT IT WORKS! Raffi is cool to work with, very patient and accommodating.

    Highly recommended.

    thumb Edwin H.


  • review rating 5  Very prompt and accurate work and fairly priced too! Highly recommend.

    thumb Jose Dehike

    review rating 5  A professional, outstanding team! Had I not used them, I would not have been able to prove marital misconduct and alcohol abuse in court. They provided firm and objective evidence. The cost is nothing compared to what you save in the long run.

    thumb Carrie Dupree

    review rating 5  I contacted Raffi about finding a person that owed me money, within minutes of when I sent him a message with my situation, he responded back to me swiftly. He told me he would look into my case and get back to me within a few days, he got back to me the next day with results that I was looking for and all the information I needed. Definitely using his service again

    thumb Kathryn Wright
  • review rating 5  They provided me with critical information when I needed it.Raffi was a pleasure to work with. Very good service at a very reasonable price. The report and video product were professional. I would use them again if I had too.

    thumb Hanita Shwartzman

    review rating 5  Thanks to Raffi I was able to make yet another gut feeling factual. The one thing I can say about Raffi is that he is an amazing business man, this truly speaks volumes. From a personal standpoint, Raffi is a man of his word, that's what's important to me, If I ever need some more help, I will seek his help again. I recommend that if you need an expert, Raffi is your man. Thank you for all your help.

    thumb G9 Sellen

    review rating 5  Super Eye is the best! I hired a few private investigators that were awful before I found this company. Super eye found all the information I needed and more. Thank you so much for doing an excellent job!!!!

    thumb Mike Nazarian
  • review rating 5  Raffi has handled high pressure cases for me with professionalism and promptness. His surveillance and gathering of information on multiple occasions is second to none. We were kept up to date and the clients I represent are very happy with the service.

    thumb Ethel Nash

    review rating 5  I’ve used this agency mainly for surveillance and tracking. They were very effective in coming up with creative ideas in how to work my case. They never got caught which impressed me the most, and they were able to get great video on what we needed. I won’t hesitate to use these guys in the future.

    thumb romi michaeli

    review rating 5  Super Eye Investigations of Encino was very detailed with the work they do. Extremely professional and produce great results. They do extremely honest work and I will definitely hire them again if I ever need to!

    thumb Brett Dixon
  • review rating 5  I was in the process of getting a divorce and they found 8 checking accounts that i had no Knowledge or information on and it helped me tremendously,thankfully and very grateful to super Eye pi.

    thumb Glyn Waddell

    review rating 5  After several years of searching for a long lost friend of my mom’s, I took a chance and sent Raffi an email. Just a couple of emails later and he found him! There are no words to express how grateful I am. Thank you.

    thumb Chad Aldrich

    review rating 5  This private investigator is truly amazing and thoughtful! My experience with Raffi has been nothing but superior! They are open and honest from the first time you speak with them. Will definitely use again.

    thumb Melinda Frederick




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